There are many means of public transport: regional trains, suburban trains, underground trains, trams and buses. The purpose of this information is to help you find out how to use them.

How do you plan for a trip?

Every bus and every train travels along a fixed line and halts at certain stops at regular time intervals. Travel plans are to be found at every stop. They provide information regarding the lines that stop there.

Buying a ticket:

You need a valid ticket before starting your trip. Children up to and including the age of 5 years can travel free of charge. Children between the age of 6–14 pay €1.60.

You can purchase tickets at the following places:

  • from the bus driver
  • at the ticket vending machine at the stop (sometimes it is possible to buy tickets in vehicles)
  • at train stations
  • at the customer centre (KundenCenter)

At the ticket vending machines, you can select from a number of different languages. For single trips, there are single tickets (EinzelTicket). They are valid from the beginning to the end of the trip. For return trips, you must buy a new ticket. For numerous trips, we recommend using a 4-trip ticket (4erTicket), which will save you money in comparison to the single ticket (EinzelTicket).

Social Ticket

With the social ticket for Kreis Wesel, you can travel at a low price each of your district area. Currently the ticket costs €34.75 per month. This ticket is valid for all busses and trains in this area.

Important: The ticket must be validated before starting your trip. There for, please stamp your ticket by inserting it into the validator as shown in the picture. Once it has been stamped, you will hear a signal. Without a valid ticket the trip is considered not paid for. In case of a ticket inspection, you will have to pay a transportation charge of at least € 60.00.

How do you use the bus and rail?


Please use the front door in order to enter the bus. Show the driver your ticket or purchase a ticket by telling him or her your destination or the required price category.


You can enter and leave at any door. The ticket must be purchased and validated before starting your trip. General principle: first let everyone else get off, then enter the train.

Entering or leaving the vehicles is only possible at the stops. In the vehicles, information screens and announcements will draw attention to the next stop. Your stop request can be indicated by pressing the STOP button. The doors open as soon as the vehicle has stopped at the station. If the door does not open immediately, it might be necessary to press the STOP button on the grab pole by the door again.


Where from you get the Ticket?

NIAG-KundenCenter Moers

NIAG-KundenCenter Moers,
Neuer Wall 10, 47441 Moers

RVN KundenCenter Wesel

RVN KundenCenter Wesel,
Franz-Etzel-Platz 19, 46483 Wesel

NIAG-KundenCenter Kamp-Lintfort

NIAG-KundenCenter Kamp-Lintfort,
Kolkschenstr. 16, 47475 Kamp-Lintfort