Cellphone contracts in Germany usually have a 24-month term. Within this term, the consumer can only terminate the contract in exceptional circumstances, such as when moving abroad or when bankrupt. Since the cellphone companies only usually promote the 24-month contract, 12-month contracts are largely unheard of.


  • If you want to take out a cellphone contract, find out which contract rate is offered for 12 months by the respective companies and on what terms.
  • Compare several businesses before concluding a contract of 12 or 24 months’ length.
  • Pay attention to the contract details when concluding a contract. Insist that you get the contract, the exact description of your rate with prices, as well as the general terms and conditions handed to you in written form. Keep your contract documents safe in case of any legal disputes with your telecommunications companies.
  • Pay attention to the termination periods! A notice period of three months usually applies to 12 and 24-month contracts. However, the notice period can vary from provider to provider. Check your contract!
  • Terminate your contract in writing and send the notice by registered post with acknowledgment of receipt so that you can prove the receipt of notice in case of dispute. Do not forget to sign!

Consumers frequently terminate existing cellular communication contracts without making themselves aware for the legal consequences.

Choice for Cellphone Contract:

The number of providers and various rate options for telephones and cellphones is overwhelming.
Before concluding a cellphone contract, we recommend that you closely monitor your own usage. The following questions can help you in this:

  • Do I use the phone a lot or do I rarely use my cellphone?
  • Do I need a combined offer for making calls and surfing the internet?
    It depends on your own personal usage whether a contract with monthly basic fees or a prepaid rate is cheaper. Even though less attention is paid to pre-paid contracts in the age of the smartphone, these can also be a worthwhile alternative if the phone is only use to make occasional calls.

Is the network reception good? Do my main contacts use the same network as me? How long would I like to commit to a contract? Are there shorter contract lengths, or offers for my rate without a contract?

Are there flat rate offers and which are good for me? Do I have high MMS/SMS costs? Are additional packets (free minutes, free SMS, data packages) contained or additionally available?
When choosing a rate, pay attention to the price per minute, which often depends on the basic monthly fee. Are inclusive minutes included in the monthly charge?

Pay attention to what possible flat-rate deals contain. Not every flat rate makes sense if the cellphone is not used regularly.

Are the flat-rate deals only valid for your network or are they valid for other networks as well, both at home and abroad?

Mobile Apps:

Apps promise to make our lives easier. Millions of office apps, weather apps, navigation apps and games have spread for computers, smartphones and tablets. Hardly a sector exists where a digital programs does not accompany us through life. However, these small programs also contain dangers, since they are frequently used to refer to sensitive data or to spread viruses on the smartphone.

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