The Moers Pass was introduced in early 1998 and will each be issued for one year. With this pass refugees who live in Moers under certain conditions, the benefits of urban facilities taking and other institutions at reduced rates and prices in claim.

Reduced rates or reductions apply to the following institutions and events.

  • Eissporthalle (50%)
  • Indoor pool ENNI Sportpark Rheinkamp (50%)
  • SwinGolf im ENNI Sportpark Rheinkamp (20%)
  • Outdoor Soli Mare (50%)
  • Grafschafter Museum (50%)
  • Moers Music School (25% for more than 2 offers per school year)
  • Schlosstheater (50%)
  • Urban concerts (50%)
  • Tummelferien (50%)
  • Adult education courses (50% for a course per semester)
  • Events for seniors (50%)
  • Central Library (50% reduction of the annual license fee)
  • Moerser Tafel (free food distribution for 1 Euro only)
  • Furniture Hall of “Tuwas Genossenschaft eG” (wide range, up to date special rates)
  • Tutoring “Back2school” Moers-Asberg, Drususstraße 1 (20% discount on group charge)


Who get this Pass?

All asylum seekers of Moers in order to receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act.

Where from you get this Pass?

The Moers pass is offered in the Department of Youth and Social Affairs in Moers City Hall, Rathausplatz 1 (south wing).

What document should you bring for getting the Pass?

In terms of benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act : Current performance communication.


The Moers Pass is non-transferable and only valid in connection with the identity card.

For Further Information:

Neues Rathaus

Fachbereich Jugend und Soziales,
Neues Rathaus, Rathausplatz 1 (Südflügel)
47441 Moers

Room 1.124, 1.125, 1.126, 1.127, 1.128 und 1.129 – 1. Floor