Integration Point is an association of the local Jobcenter Kreis Wesel and Federal Agency for Unemployment Wesel. It is the first step for refugees.

The requirements are:
Your entitlement to asylum has been recognised or
You have specific residence permits from the immigration authority

The Integration Point is the first contact point for:

  • People with residence title for specific purposes
  • People with humanitarian residence title for specific purposes according to Chapter 2, Section 5 of Residence Act (if benefits are drawn under the German social welfare law for asylum seekers)
  • People with acquiescence according to § 60a of Residence Act

Within the Integration Point the following operations are processed:

  • Support regarding the recognition of foreign professional qualifications
  • Analysis of you language skills
  • Offering language and integration courses
  • Job or apprenticeship offers
  • receiving benefits if your are eligible

Integration in the job and apprenticeship market:

  • language courses, integration courses (learning the German language)
  • recognition consolation (assistance with the recognition of vocational qualification)
  • qualification consultancy (apprenticeship offers and job search)
  • skills (education and work experience)

Social assistance benefits:

  • First concession of benefits according to Code of Social Law II
  • Contingently further assistance

Jobcenter Moers

Address of Job Centre:
Jobcenter Moers: (Mühlenstr. 9-11, 47441 Moers)
Location: room 154, 156 and 158 first floor