You can buy food and daily needs at the Supermarket (ALDI, PENNY, REWE, EDEKA, REAL, LIDL etc.). There are also specialist shops such as bakers and butchers in Moers. You will also find some drug store here (For example: ROSSMANN, DM etc.). These do not sell much food, but do have a large selection of bathroom and household products. You can also find almost everything for babies and toddlers here. The prices can differ from shop to shop. Especially cheap prices, or special offers (Sonderangebot) are often only available for a short time. There is some Turkish supermarket where you can buy for example Halal meat. There are also some weekly markets from where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits in Moers.

The Schedule of these markets:

  • Moers-Innenstadt (Neumarkt und Teilbereich in Steinstraße)——Tuesday and Friday from 7.30 AM to 14.00 PM
  • Moers-Repelen (Marktplatz in Lintforter Straße)——Tuesday and Friday from 7.30 AM to 13.00 PM
  • Moers-Kapellen (Hermann-Thelen-Platz in Bahnhofstraße)—— Saturday from 7.30 AM to 13.00 PM
  • Moers-Meerbeek (Marktplatz in Lindenstraße)——Wednesday and Saturday from 7.30 AM to 14.00 PM

The prices at these markets are usually fixed.

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Moerser Tafel

You will find Moerser Tafel here in Klever Straße 26, where from you can buy a lot of fruits and vegetables with only 1 euro. For this opportunity you must get a card from them to show Moers Pass. This Opportunity only open for Friday from 10.00 AM to 15.00 PM.