Category: Public Life

Formal behaviour

Shops and (government) offices open and close at set times. If for example the opening hours or “Öffnungszeiten” end at 4 pm (16.00) it is advisable to be there by 3.55 pm (15.55) because by 4.01 pm (16.01) the place may be closed. Trains, buses, etc. also leave at set departure times.

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The German Basic Law

The initial period in Germany is not always easy. You may feel overwhelmed with a vast amount of new information. Many of the things you encounter at the start will appear strange and unusual. We would like to provide orientation and to help you understand life here in Germany.
The following writings provide an introduction to the Basic Law – the German constitution – and the importance it has for people living here in Germany, which now includes you as well. You will get to know some rights, but also obligations as well.

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Medical Guide for Refugees

Health care in Germany is based on medical insurance. When you seek asylum in Germany, you do not have medical insurance at first. Government agencies therefore ensure your health care. These include, for example, the social services department (Sozialamt) or the public health service (Gesundheitsamt). Health care includes treatment by a doctor or dentist as well as any necessary vaccinations and medically indicated preventive examinations.

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Food and Drinks

In addition to differences in the type of food eaten, there are also many differences in the way food is bought, served and eaten, as well as in table manners. Here are some of the differences you will find if you eat at a restaurant or with a family and some tips on how to behave.

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Social life in Germany

This article is intended for refugees and future citizens of Germany. It’s aim is to provide orientation to refugees when they first arrive in Germany. This is useful information for refugees for the time before they can participate in integration courses and German classes offered by the government.

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