Author: Abdullah Al Raihan

Medical Guide for Refugees

Health care in Germany is based on medical insurance. When you seek asylum in Germany, you do not have medical insurance at first. Government agencies therefore ensure your health care. These include, for example, the social services department (Sozialamt) or the public health service (Gesundheitsamt). Health care includes treatment by a doctor or dentist as well as any necessary vaccinations and medically indicated preventive examinations.

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Information on Communication

Cellphone contracts in Germany usually have a 24-month term. Within this term, the consumer can only terminate the contract in exceptional circumstances, such as when moving abroad or when bankrupt. Since the cellphone companies only usually promote the 24-month contract, 12-month contracts are largely unheard of.

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Waste Sorting in Germany

Waste in Germany ist sorted in different kinds of material in order to recycle paper, glas or plastic. Because of this, waste disposal of non-recyclable rubbish is relatively expensive for people whereas the cost of recyclable waste is much cheaper, sometimes even free.

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