KLXM-Team: Achim, Abdullah, Thomas, Christian

Refugee Magazine – All basic information for refugees in a page

Refugee Magazine is an information site by, of and for the refugees. Created by KLXM Crossmedia and published by ABDULLAH AL RAIHAN

Abdullah started his internship at KLXM from the beginning of July’2016. We – Christian, Achim and Thomas – were curios to hear more about him. We have some curiosity about his asylum process. How he leads his life in Germany and what kinds of experience gathered by him. From his story we take an idea to share it with all of the people of Germany and specially to the Asylum seekers also. The project REFMAG has born. In short time the first articles were wrote, in the same time the technical platform has developed. From the August’2016 refmag.de launched through online.

Now we are very excited about it and what will be the next. Inspired people are most welcome to JOIN with us. This is our beginning and we want to go far away.

KLXM-Team: Achim, Abdullah, Thomas, Christian

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