Abdullah Al Raihan

When I came to Germany, I have got a new identity in December’2015 . That is called Asylum Seeker. My fate give me this surprise. In the registration centre of Bielefeld I gave all of my identity. They all hope for my best life in Germany. I started a new fight to integrate here myself as a qualified manpower.


One of the first teachers took me to the Job centre and we integrate with Ms. Abou Hamdan of Integration Point. I submitted all of my documents and educational certificates to job center. I was looking for the best I can do for myself. Then I got a job training course from Ms. Abou Hamdan. Deutsch Angestellen Academie (DAA) has operate this 3 months course. I was the first batch student from Moers.


DAA helped me very much for integrating with german language and job market. I have learned a lot of things from DAA, especially Mrs. Sandra Schmidt. Who is the Job Coach from DAA. She is doing a lot for me till now even after finish my job training. She arranged me a practical work in KLXM Crossmedia. In this company, Christian Hommel, Achim Müntel and Thomas Skerbis took me not only a participant but also more than that. All of them want to make something more for me and my future. They all are trying for my better accommodation and better settlement here in Germany. I was lucky for all of these german friends wherever I met. With their participation and appreciation we started a new project: RefMag

Abdullah Al Raihan

Abdullah Al Raihan


Born 1983 in  Dhaka, Bangladesh
Married, one child 

National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT)

Jahangirnagar University Dhaka
Master of Social Sciences

A NEW PROJECT – REFMAG (Refugee Magazine)

Refugee Magazine is the result of this processing. Now I worked in this project and write about to all problems of refugees. Trying to solve their problems by online and article.

Refugee management is a big issue for the country and even for the society. German peoples are too much friendly to solve this big problem. But information sharing is the great problem, I think. So I would like to inform all things on refugee through this web site. Struggling, surviving, learning language, hard working and making tears for my lovely family at night. That is now ‘the Beauty of my Life’.


What is the beauty of life? Instability or stability? I did not find myself in a stable situation through my whole life. From my childhood I was fighting for my best living. I am 33 years old now. I am married for 4 years and also have a little son of 2 years old. When I have to lead a beautiful life with my wife and child, I just go away 7,543 kilometres far from my family. Why? For my life. But I have a good qualification, education, job, family everything. I do not have only safety for my punctuality and honesty.

I was a good student in my school. The teachers love me very much. I have passed my secondary school certificate exam obtained 80% marks. Then passed Higher secondary certificate exam obtained 73% marks. I was a science background student. After that, I have completed my higher education including under graduation and post graduation from the only residential university of Bangladesh (Jahangirnagar University). And I choose my field of study ‘Government and Politics’. Because that was the only big problem in my country (Political unrest). I have also achieve a Diploma on IT and a Post Graduation Diploma on Apparel Merchandising. I would like to change my country. Though I have science background and I was very fond of Computer, I choose journalism for my profession. I want to get free my society from corruption and jealousness. But What happened?

Within very short time, I involved in television journalism. First time I was in a Canadian financed online journal named ‘News and Images’. After 2 years, I joined the first private satellite television channel of Bangladesh named ‘Ekushey Television Private Limited’(ETV). Within a little period, I could make some extra ordinary news about country corruption, government officials. Then I got threatened from the government intelligent agency (NSI). Sometimes they stopped my news broadcasting through the satellite. Then started a historical unrest killing named ‘Cross-Fire’ in my lovely country. Police, Rapid Action Battalion(RAB) killed many people without justice. I was against that process. I have made some news against this killing and also find something behind the killing. Again I got threatened by RAB. But my colleagues and the owner of the television channel appreciated me for those news. One of my best senior colleague is working as a journalist of Deutsche Welle. His name is Harun Ur Rashid Shopon. He was appreciated me very much and teach me some technics to cover the news of corruption. Then I made a news on the corruption of a large flyover(Mayor Hanif Flyover). It was very famous that time, but the upper officials of the government was involved there in corruption. I have hot again threatened. He lost his job from ETV. Once upon a time I also changed my job place. I have joined at South Asian Television Channel limited(SATV). When I started my work there, I was making some news on the corruption of Padma Multipurpose Bridge. It is also famous internationally. At last World Bank leave to financing that project. But Bangladesh Government do not agree this corruption till now. Then I turned my interest to Power and Energy Sector. I find here a lot of corruption. I made a lot of news on this corruption. Then 2 of my colleagues of Power and Energy sector from other private channel ATN Bangla killed dangerously (Shagor- Runi) in their house. That killing was mysterious till now. Government could not find any clue from that killing. Then several types of journalist killed randomly around the countrywide and faced on attack by the unknown person. But government did not take any responsibility to journalists. I got feared. Many of my news stopped by the government at that time. I suspended from my job by the government order. After 2 months I started my job with some caution. During this period, I was making some news on War crime Tribunal and the peoples protesting by named Gono Jagoron Moncho. Then again I was threatened by Islamist Extremist Party Jomiyatul Mujahidin Bangladesh JMB. What can I do? I got just married at that time. I could not live in peace. Then I informed to the Police. But Police said to move me carefully. It was not possible for them to keep me in safe all time. When I went to office, my family was anxious about my come back home safely. My wife could not afford this situation. She injured mentally now. Then I was just finding some way to get away from my country.

At that time, I got an invitation from United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to attend their COP21 conference as a journalist which was held in Paris. Then I came to France for the first time to leave my family is in danger. But that time was too much unstable in Paris for the recent IS attack. Then I decided to come to Germany. I know that Germany is an ideal country for Press Freedom.


From the first time I started to learn Deutsch Language. I wanted to go to a language school. But the authority told me to wait. After transfer from the Bielefeld I will got the chance. I can speak in English. But it is not more useful for Germany.

All German people like to speak in their native language. I have transferred to Moers and got a living place in Filderstrasse in January’2016 . Then I met with my house manager and ask for language school. I go to Rathaus and also ask for language school. I wanted to learn german quickly. First time I was listed for a school in Kappellen. That was only for 2 days in a week. After 3 days of school my teacher named Ute Hoffmann ask me details about myself. She treated me as intelligent and quick learner also. She tried to take extra care of me. She served me local newspaper to read. She took me away during her free time and teach me language. Her husband Volker Hoffmann loves me very much also. Both of them tried on their best to teach me German. I am grateful to them. Then I started to another school in VHS for A1 German learning.